The South coast is the ideal location for windsurfing in the UK with varying conditions and amazing locations to access. At Portsmouth watersports centre we operate in the stunning langstone harbour where windsurfing is accessible in all tide and weather condtions. We have Great kit to hand including Red Paddle WindSups and Starboard and tushingham gear.  A safe place for beginners and advanced windsurfers to head out and enjoy their time on the water. 

Portsmouth Watersports Centre are pleased to announce that we are now running intermediate and above in windsurfing.

We will have a selection of clinics to offer as well as weekend courses covering all abilities.

We have a selection of top end equipment from Starboard and Severne for you to learn on.

For private 1:1 courses, you can either use your own gear or our top-end rental equipment. 1:1 courses are ideal for those that are stuck on a particular manoeuvre. If you are looking for an introduction to the sport, it really helps to be part of a group, so we would highly recommend the learn to windsurf course.

This sport is completely wind dependant and we may have to cancel the course due to there being no wind predicted for that weekend or clinic, if this is the case we will call you the day before to make you aware and look at alternatives.


Courses + Clinics

Windsurf Taster sessions are the ideal way to try out the sport before booking on to our 2 day courses. A great way to find out if you like the sport and to learn the very basic skills of windsurifng. Within the 2 hours, you will carry out basic on land demonstraition using our simulator then ventre out on the water to try it out. 


2 Hours

Whats included-

  • Qualified Instructors
  • All Equipment 



RYA start windsurf course is a great way to begin your journey to becoming a competent windsurfer. You will cover all the fundamental techniques such as launching, landing, sailing upwind, downwind and turning. You will also cover some basic theory to ensure your safety on the water while your enjoying this amazing sport. 


2 Days


RYA Start Windsurf 

Whats Included-

  • Professional instructors
  • All equipment 
  • Certification



Assumed knowledge:

  • Start Windsurfing

Minimum duration:

  • 8-10 hours on the water

Minimum age:

  • 16+

Course content:

  • New techniques including the beachstart and harness work. Beach starting and non planing carve gybes are taught on this course or as a separate clinic tailored to your needs

Ability after course:

  • Able to sail on all points of sailing in stronger winds, using beachstarts and faster tacking and gybing

Assumed knowledge:

  • Start Windsurfing level

Minimum duration:

  • 8-10 hours on the water

Minimum age:

  • 16+

Course content:

  • Faster tacks, use of the harness and getting in the footstraps. Get ready for the excitement of blasting control. Depending on the group we may look at introducing carve gybe and water starts.

Ability after course:

  • Sail on all points in a variety of conditions using faster tacks and the harness. As you progress through this level, you will also be able to use the footstraps and get planing

Assumed knowledge: 

  • Competent Intermediate level

Minimum duration:

  • 8-10 hours on the water

Minimum age:

  • 16+

Course content:

  • Dynamic transitions, advanced planing techniques and waterstarts. Carve gybing and other advanced skills such as advanced carving and bump and jump may be taught as part of the course

Ability after course:

  • Improved blasting control to aid early planing, tacking on a variety of boards in varying conditions. Additional clinics help you master the waterstart and infamous planing gybe

1:1 Tuition is a great way to perfect your on water skills or to learn the next step with your very own instructor. Here at the centre we can cater for all levels of windsurfing with our highly experienced and qualified staff. 


1.5, 3 or 6 hour sessions available

Whats included- 

  • All equipment
  • Qualified and experienced instructors 
  • Personal coaching 

Rather than having to uphaul your sail every time you leave the shore, beachstarting is a swift and very controlled way to get going; the team at Portsmouth Watersports Centre will take you through the technique and the basics that you need through this clinic.  

Everyone should learn to beach start as soon as possible, as it’s a purely mechanical action and has little to do with your windsurfing skills, and we have the perfect location for you to learn in a safe and controlled environment.

The waterstart is one of the gateway skills; it opens up so much more of our

great sport. The reason for this move is that we arrive on the board in the sailing position and it is a more efficient way of getting going in stronger winds and bumpy waters.

It is a key skill for our progression down to sailing smaller kit.

The skill is built from having a strong proficiency in beachstarts. From here a range of drills, including sailing and dragging one leg in the water, sailing kneeling down

and sailing one handed helps us to move closer to our goal. These drills can be interspersed through your sailing sessions and a bit of feedback, coaching and video footage can speed up the process.

As you progress into slightly stronger winds you’ll soon seek and appreciate the wonders of harnessing. Not only does it save your arms, but it also makes it far easier to control the power in the sail. You can try harnessing in very light winds with a small sail, but that amazing feeling of lying back against the rig needs a decent size sail and a reasonable breeze to support your weight. Harnessing is soon followed by slipping your feet into the footstraps, the combination of these two key components gives you the control and freedom to blast wherever you want to go. With access to the water at any state and uninterrupted wind we have the perfect location for you to learn how to get in the harness and make the most of it.

Now you’re getting to grips with the harness, it’s also a great time to look at getting into the footstraps;

Being secure in the straps is wonderful feeling and the basis of stronger wind windsurfing.  At first it can be a pulse racing experience to actually get your feet in them. Problems are rarely due to the movement of the feet it’s almost always down to not maintaining a counterbalance. Hence our prime mantra when going for the straps – Body moves one way, the rig moves the other. When you combine this with weight in the harness you’ll be able to move your feet more freely. As this clinic is put on when it is low tide, you will not have to worry about the chop which you may experience at other locations, as it will be perfectly flat.

The carve gybe is the biggest move in windsurfing to learn and getting that right technique is something that we specialise in teaching you at Portsmouth Watersports Centre.

The benchmark move, that simply turns you round so that you can go back where you came from, but in a very stylish manner. It’s not as simple as it looks, with a lot to think about throughout the move… but when you get it, your carve gybe will seem effortless and you will be on cloud 9 once you get your first planing carve gybe. For some it may seem like an unrealistic target however we will break it down for you to make it manageable.

Have you completed your first few gybes and looking for a variation of what you have completed. Well with our RYA Advanced Plus Windsurfing instructors we can achieve that for you on the perfectly flat water that the harbour offers when the tide is out and the wind is strong.

Would you like to look at lay down gybes, duck gybes plus many more and even start to looking at down wind or up wind 360’s

for more information

Times and Prices

2 day weekend


£186 per person

Winsurf Tasters

tuesday evenings


£20 per person

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