Playing RugbyGolf at Heath Park


Rugbygolf is similar to Footgolf, with one key difference - the shape of the ball! 

The game starts with players kicking off from a tee and then drop-kicking their way down the fairway.

When you get close enough to a hole you stop kicking and throw the ball into a net.

Every 'hole' is different, just like on a golf course.

According to the Rugbygolf association, the game therefore requires the lower body strength of rugby and the precision of golf.

You also need a good sense of accuracty and must judge the distance before you kick. But, these are the technicalities, we think its just a lot of fun!



Schedule and prices



£6 per adult
£4 per concession (Child/OAP/Students/NHS Staff)
We can provide you with balls. You will be asked to pay a £5 refundable deposit for every 2 balls you need
Groups of no larger than 4.
Groups larger than 4 can book by emailing us 


Rules of play

1.  The game starts with a penalty kick, to start place the ball on the plastic tee.

2. Each player takes it in turn to "kick off" using the tee.

3. The furthest ball from the basket determins the first to play.

4. After the ball has come to rest mark from behind.

5. The ball may then be drop kicked or passed towards the basket on the green.  each method counts as one shot.

6. The hole ends once the ball comes to rest insode the net.

7. If the ball goes beyond the bounds it must be placed on the nearest point of the green to continue.  If the ball is lost that players game is over.


N.B whilst you place a deposit for every 2 balls you require, if one is lost the whole (£5) deposit is claimed to replace the lost ball.

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