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Change Gear’s Balance bike training is developed with Bikeability’s national standards whilst also incorporating our experience in delivering Balanceability within our Leisure centres nationwide.
Our Balance bike training takes place with small group numbers to ensure children have regular, constructive feedback during the early learning stages of their cycling.
Over a course of 4 weeks of 45 minute sessions the children will begin their journey on two wheels.

Our next course starts on 30 October 2017 and will run for 4 Mondays: 

Osterley Sports Centre, Wood Lane, TW7 5FF - ages 8+ BOOK NOW

Course Overview

The key objectives of the training are:
·         Provide children with an early experience of using a bike

·         Improve children’s cycling skills and awareness of their surroundings

·         Develop childrens balance and control skills in preparation for learning to cycle

·         Teach children to identify different parts of the bike

Early Years Foundation Scheme (EYFS)

Delivery has been proven to meet parts of the curriculum in the EYFS. Through the training, children are encourage to take part in activities that are clearly linked to physical literacy.
For example, activities such as the wiggly weaver develop children’s awareness of themselves when turning and stopping through working in pairs and teams. Children become more confident and motivated and learn to make self assessments.
Obstacle courses on their bikes challenge the children to react to their environment whilst also enhancing their knowledge and understanding of their decision making and self assessment.
SEN and Balanceability
Children with delays in motor development may have lacked early experience and the opportunity to develop these skills. They may have visible physical difficulties or be diagnosed with a condition such as Dyspraxia or Down Syndrome but in most cases these children would all still be educated in mainstream school.
Our aim within our training is that it is an inclusive programme that will enable every child to participate at their developmental level and gain the same benefits that cycling can offer to all. 

Please don't hesitate to call and discuss your child's needs with one of our friendly instructors or use the link below to book your course online.

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We at Change Gear believe Cycling is a life Skill. We truly believe cycling is fun and for everyone , we are Passionate And encourage more people to cycle regularly and safely, through our dedicated team at Change Gear we are determined to get more people cycling more safely. When more of us jump on our bikes we are helping the environment at the same time .


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