We love the outdoors and passionately believe there is nothing more exciting than spending time with your friends and family while surrounded by nature. At each of our sites you will find a wide range of activities to suit all preferences, whether you are looking to get your adrenalin pumping or just take a relaxing trip through some breathtaking scenery.

Here is just a taste of some of the things you can get up to at Parkwood Outdoors:

  1. Gorge Walking in the Brecon Beacons - this is one of our all time favourite activities. Gorges are a fascinating by-product of river erosion and our Gorge walking activity puts you right on the front line of this battle between river and mountain, as we trek down, across and through the river’s path, learning and having great fun as we go!

  2. Windsurfing in Portsmouth Harbour - at the Portsmouth Watersports Centre is one of the most thrilling water sports on offer. Thanks to its unique location in Langstone Harbour, windsurfing here can be enjoyed by everyone, from first-timers to seasoned windsurfers. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do, so come and give it a try!

  3. Enjoy festive, and scenic walks - through Rufford Abbey Country Park, a beautiful country park set around the 12th-century ruins of Rufford Abbey. No matter your budget or appetite we also have a fantastic range of food and drink here at Rufford Abbey to suit you through your journey. 

  4. Rowing across Cardiff’s Roath Park Lake - with four and six person rowing boats available for hire you can relax as a group and take your time exploring the beautiful surroundings of Roath Park Lake. Or for those looking for something slightly more adventurous, why not try our Water Walkerz

For more information on our full range of activities, visit our locations page and take a look at everything that each site has to offer.