Parkwood Outdoors has a vision to encourage children and adults to get active in the outdoors.  With an almost endless supply of outside activities and countryside we know that there is something for everyone. Our talented instructors and innovative programmes combine physical fitness and social experience all in the wonderful outdoors. However, we know that sometimes our customers just want to take part and experience the outdoors for themselves and we are here to help you do that too. Whatever your preference and motivation, our wide range of centres are designed to help you enjoy being active outdoors.

We know that the outdoors provides a unique learning platform to help students when they return to school after taking part in outdoor activities.  We are passionate about ensuring our instructors not only teach students about the outdoors, but contribute to their physical, personal and social education. We truly believe that positive experiences with Parkwood Outdoors help students when they return to school and college and we are passionate about the wider benefit that we can provide young people who take part in one of our activities.

We are not just about encouraging young students, we truly want everyone to experience the multitude of benefits that being active outdoors brings.  It is our mission to not only encourage more people to take part in outdoor activities, but also to ensure we are enhancing people’s lives. We love being active, it is what we do and we are passionate about the outdoors, in our opinion it is a truly wonderful environment with a different mix available for us all.  

Life outdoors is simply more fun!